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S&T Real Estate property WATER-FRONT - first site to initiate a Clean the Beach Boot Camp in Oman

'Clean the Beach' Boot Camp organised at the WATER-FRONT

WATER-FRONT – first site to initiate a Clean the Beach Boot Camp in Oman


WATER-FRONT together with CBBC ( joined hands to clean the beach, to fulfill the promise of “First We Train, Then We Clean”, campaign. The event kickstarted on Saturday, 02 March 2019 at the Water-front beach area.

CBBC is a campaign to help remove trash on the beach, in addition to experiencing a free, mind & body therapy. The campaign brings together volunteers in the community to spread the message of keeping our environment clean.

“Water-front is the first venue in Oman to host an unpolluted beach activity that gave all of us a healthy, amazing experience”, said Sofia, a CBBC volunteer.

A team of youngsters to adults volunteered, to be part of the boot camp and to collect trash to minimise ocean debris. All volunteers wore silicone gloves & carried non-plastic, eco-friendly bags provided by Earthytude, a Company committed to eradicating plastic from our environment with alternative solutions. In a short period of time, they collected plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic straws, cigarette butts, foam, bottle caps, and many more such items, all of which gets washed into the ocean threatening marine life and our ecosystem.

The boot camp started with a free fitness classes that built up some energy with group exercises that were fun and participative. We aim to inspire the community to train & practice the importance of keeping the beach, and Oman clean and pollutant-free.

Water-front team believe in giving back responsibly, and as a result successfully started the ‘clean the beach boot camp’. S&T Group company staff in Muscat actively participated for the cause. 

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