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VIT-2019 at S&T Interiors and Contracting Muscat

Learning with visual cues!

Visual Impact Training at Muscat

Visual Impact Training (VIT) has been the core of HSE initiatives at S&T since 2016. In 2019, our VIT focus has been around improving awareness of the workers around HSE risks and hazards by replicating the site scenarios in a safe environment through live acting. VIT crosses language and literacy boundaries and is able to deliver the message and address challenges positively.

VIT activities undertaken in 2019

Safe use of Scaffolding

Electrical Safety

Safe use of PPE

Safety Driving

Safe use of Power Tools.

Outcome of VIT

Ability – Competence in an activity or occupation because of one’s skill, training or accomplishment of a goal.

Interpersonal skills – The ability to communicate and interact effectively with customers, co-workers, supervisors and subordinates.

Knowledge – Familiarity with a particular skill gained by sight, training or experience.

Portfolio – An organised presentation of an individual’s work samples and skills.

Skill – Proficiency or competency gained through training or experience.

Teamwork – A co-operative effort on the part of a group to accomplish a goal.


S.No Project Sites   No. of Attendees
1 Thumrith 1250
2 Qurn Alam 548
3 Fahud 560
4 Club House Muscat 1175
5 Joinery Factory Muscat 400
6 Cinepolis Muscat 182