Value Engineering Summit 2019

New Technologies Disrupting the Construction Industry
9 April 2019, Dubai

Hosted by Middle East Consultant and Big Project Middle East, the Value Engineering Summit held in April 2019 in Dubai was a platform to discuss three key areas:

  • Whether design and build (D&B) is the future of cost-effective construction in the Middle East?
  • The application of value engineering in private-public partnership infrastructure projects
  • Utilising technology and software during the value engineering process

S&T Interiors and Contracting’s CEO of Centre of Excellence, Venugopal Nanjan gave a talk on how technologies including Big Data, GIS, BIM, VR, Integrative Energy Modelling, LIDAR, Web 2.0, Block Chain, etc. have in one form or other disrupted the AEC industry and what impact these will have as we further evolve in the area of Value Engineering.

Venugopal Nanjan was one of the esteemed members of the Value Engineering and Technology panel, who discussed the need to focus on quantifying costs and benefits across the bottom-line metrics; calculating the ROI on all fronts – financial, social and environmental and the benefits they bring in the form of capex and opex; utilising the software and technology to better educate clients and stakeholders about why they should support Value Engineering on their projects; using analytics to find the most-value add solutions; utilising technology to improve the project, price out improvements, consider operational costs and exploring synergies; and determining where additional costs delivers added value.

The event will bring together 250+ participants including developers, consultants, contractors and specialist suppliers.